What You Need To Know

At the time of booking we will require your full legal name (as it appears on your passport, including any initials or middle names), address, phone number, birth date, country of citizenship and what form of  ID  you’ll be using. We only share this information with airlines if travelling by air, customs officials if crossing the border, and insurance companies if you purchase insurance through us.

What kind of travel documentation do I need? All travel outside of Canada requires a valid passport. Passengers who are not of Canadian citizenship should contact the US Immigration Board as a visa may be required for entry and re-entry into Canada. It is your responsibility to obtain the documentation necessary for travel to each country. Without proper documentation, you will be denied boarding by the air carrier or refused entry into the country or destination. No refunds will be made under such circumstances.

Is travel insurance necessary? We strongly recommend that you protect your travel investments by purchasing travel insurance. This must be purchased at the time of initial deposit. Please be advised that Fehr-Way Tours is only able to sell insurance to Manitoba residents. If you are booking through your travel agent, they are responsible for offering and selling you the appropriate and relevant travel insurance.

What is your Cancellation Policy? Please notify Fehr-Way Tours as soon as possible. Cancellation penalties are dependent upon the date of notification with respect to the tour departure date. To calculate the number of days, count the day of notification but not the day of departure. Should you cancel your trip for any reason, Fehr-Way Tours must withhold the following amounts:
90 – 61 days – Tour Deposit
60 – 36 days – 60% Penalty
35 – 0 days – 100% Penalty

Can I still book after the payment deadline? We welcome all reservations, even if you are planning your trip later than is customary. Please call to see if there is still space available. Please note that on tours including airfare, Fehr-Way Tours must finalize all information with the airlines a minimum of 60 days prior to departure date. New bookings made after this date may be subject to increased airfare as imposed by the airlines. If you book your tour after the final payment deadline, the total amount will be due immediately.

A minimum of 30 passengers booked and under deposit are required before your tour is guaranteed. If you are booking your own airfare, do not make reservations until your tour has been guaranteed.

How much luggage can I bring? Each passenger is permitted one suitcase which cannot exceed 62” (length + width + height) and cannot be any heavier than 50 lbs. Each passenger is also permitted one small carry-on bag and a purse, each of which cannot exceed 9”  x 15.5” X 21.5” And cannot be any heavier than 10 lbs. Fehr-way tours cannot assume responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. Airlines may implement their own restrictions on luggage.

How do you select accommodations? Hotel and motel selections are made on their good standard of comfort, service, and location. Many have been used by Fehr-Way for numerous years.

What should I expect on the motor coach?  Coaches are ultra modern, air conditioned, washroom equipped, with reclining seats, air ride suspension, dvd and tinted scenic windows. All designed for maximum comfort.

What is the difference between a Single and a Double rate? The double rate is the rate per person if there are two passengers sharing the hotel rooms. If you are traveling on your own, you pay the single rate.

What about requesting a travel companion? We cannot guarantee this request can be fulfilled, however, we will endeavor to assist you. Price per person will change when a roommate cancels and your accomodation type changes.

What if three or four of us want to share a room? Triple and quad accommodations are rooms with two beds only. Triple and quad rates may be available, however, they do not cover the cost of a cot. Cots may or may not be available at all hotels.

I am from out of town, can you book a hotel for me in Winnipeg? Fehr-Way Tours can arrange overnight accommodations in Winnipeg at the beginning or end of your tour (subject to room availability). Please advise us at time of booking if you require this service.

Tour Director Tours departing from Winnipeg by motor coach will have a Fehr-Way Tour Director onboard. If you are flying to your destination, a Fehr-Way Tour Director may not be travelling with you on the plane. Please contact us for further clarification.

Do you assign seating? No. Passengers rotate seats daily on the motor coach at the direction of the tour director. Exceptions cannot be made. People travelling single or triple must sit with others. In case of two passengers travelling separately but sitting beside one another, you will alternate the window seat.

Where do I join the tour? All motor coach tours depart from Winnipeg. The tour departs and arrives from the Rossmere Plaza at 1050 Henderson Hwy and the Holiday Inn at 360 Colony St. Pick up points have been selected for their convenience and safety. Additional pick ups may be made along our tour route. Please inquire with the office at time of booking. We suggest that you do not leave your vehicle at any of these points overnight. All parking is at your own risk. All tours including flights from Winnipeg will depart from the James Richardson International Airport.

Not included Meals not listed in the itinerary, personal expenses such as phone calls at hotels, etc., and luggage handling at airports. Gratuities to the Tour Director and Driver are appreciated but not included and should be extended on a voluntary, individual basis, not as a group. Land-only rates do not include airfare or airport transfers. Extra costs may be incurred due to delays or interruptions caused by weather conditions, unexpected flight schedule changes, or other circumstances beyond our control. An additional fuel surcharge may be applied as required.

Special needs Tour members with special needs for walking, dining or other, must be accompanied by a companion who is fully responsible for the person. None of Fehr-Way Tours, its employees and personnel, or its suppliers may physically lift or assist clients into transportation vehicles.

A no-smoking policy is observed on all our motor coaches, including E-cigarettes and cannabis. Frequent stops are made for your convenience. Please be advised that many hotels are now 100% smoke-free and you may be subject to a cleaning fee if the room is smoked in. The transportation of any Cannabis product across any International Border, with or without a valid medical prescription, is ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL! Passengers found in possession will be denied entry, required to make their own arrangements home at their own cost, and the full cancellation charges of the tour will apply.

Tour presentations  Ask about times and locations.